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August 10, 2017 05:36
Hawaii, Will Be The First State To Be Prepared For A Nuclear attack

On August 6, 1945, In world’s war history US dropped first atomic bomb the “Little Boy” on Hiroshima and Three days later they dropped second atomic bomb “Fat Boy” on Nagasaki. These were the only times when nuclear bombs were used in the war.

The after effects of that dreadful incident still didn’t leave people hearts and minds. At least 70000 people were killed in the initial blast of the US atomic bomb.

Now after 70 years, US is experiencing a threat of nuclear strike from north Korea, with growing tiff between both countries led Hawaii to take an action.

However, low the chances to get attacked but Hawaii is getting prepared. The state has been working on updating preparations from seven months, because the state and the military chances will have little time to react if North Korea does launch a nuclear war head aimed at Hawaii.

“If North Korea uses an intercontential ballistic missile, from the launch to impact is approximately 20 minutes,” said Lt.Col Charles Anthony, director of public affairs for the state’s department of defense.

“Pacific command would take about 5 minutes to launch, where missile is going, which means population have around 15 minutes to take shelter”, said Vern Miyagi, administrator for Hawaii emergency fragment agency”. “it’s not much time at all but it is gives enough time to give yourself a chance to survive”.

Hawaii is still working on how to warn its 1.4 million residents.

Emergency Management Officials are working on reinstating an attack warning system similar to the air raid sirens that blared during the cold war. Test of attack warning system haven’t happened since the 1980’s.

Officials have set a target date in November to test the outdoor attack warning sirens. The plan is to sound the sirens after the other emergency tone that is currently used.

“We want people to find a place just like they would for any other natural disaster”, said Miyagi who was experienced first nuclear attack in japan now staying at Oahu.

The current information the military officials have is that north Korea has a nuclear weapon very similar to the strength of what US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It will be very devastating, those in proximity to the site will die, along with anything else in the path.

However, the residents could survive the blast,“ meaning residents should know how to keep them alive until help arrives”.

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